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Add, Remove and Share Calendar Events

Event Creation Instructions

The management console section in Calendar is shown with add an event is circled.
  1. Select the calendar to which you want to add an event. (When a calendar is selected, its name turns bold, and a black check mark appears in its check box.)
  2. Open the Add Event form, using one of the following methods:
    • In any view, click the Add Event button that appears above the calendar.
    • In the Day or 3 Day view, you can click the hour (at the left edge of the calendar) or the row for the time that you want the event to begin.
    • In Week, 5 Week, or Month view, click the add event symbol that appears
      1. Toward the bottom of the date block in the Week view.
      2. In the upper-right corner of the date block in the 5 Week and Month views.
  3. On the Add an Event to [calendar name] page, on the Event Information tab, choose the template you want to use, if available. (If the calendar has only one template, it's selected by default.)
  4. Fill in all required fields and then preview your event by clicking the preview button.
  5. Once you verify your content, click OK to save your changes and return to your calendar.