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Request a Calendar

Calendars can be requested by any university college, academic department, university-wide program (e.g. Common Experience), or support department.

Recognized student organizations will be able to list their events on the Student Organizations calendar that is managed by Campus Activities and Student Organizations (CASO). Only official university chartered student organizations qualify for their own calendar.

In order to have access to the calendar system, University Events Calendar training must first be completed. This self-paced online training is available for open-enrollment in Canvas.


From Submitter Information

Calendar Information

This may be the same as the calendar name.
If this parent organization has an existing calendar, should this new one be nested within it?
This is the default action when new calendars are created.
This could be selected if a calendar is being created for a new department or organization.

Editors will be strictly limited to those who edit the top level calendar. Although, if the event submission feature is enabled anyone in your department can still create and submit events. However, these events would have to be posted by current calendar editors.

This may be rejected due to licensing restrictions. We'll try our best to accommodate your request.

Calendar Owner & Manager

Calendar owners should be a chair or director, and managers (editors) should be staff or faculty.  These roles cannot be held by student employees.

Calendar Editors

Student workers and TXST guests cannot be calendar editors.

As mentioned at the beginning of this form, all editors must successfully complete University Events Calendar training before access can be granted. This self-paced online training is available for open-enrollment in Canvas. It can be found under the name "University Events Calendar Training"

If this is a nested calendar, existing editors will be provided access.
Public Event Submission Form *
This allows events to be submitted to your calendar. This is useful for staff who are not editors, but need to occasionally create and submit events for approval.